Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Biggest Ride Yet

What you need to know:
This is not one continual ride. We had a few stops:
  • on Allen St., for a phone call (good news)
  • directly under the Manhattan Bridge (Bklyn side) for another call (bad news that cancelled out the earlier good news)
  • on Tillary St., to digest the bad news & give up on Bklyn
  • Starbucks, Astor Place (snack break)
  • Various & sundry terrifying spots in New Jersey, checking the Google Maps
Otherwise, it was nonstop. We left home at about 1pm, and got back at 10:15. Then we had dinner!
Here's the breakdown (in miles):
  • 4.73 to ferry
  • 2.85 to EMS
  • 2.43 to bklyn
  • 3.15 to starbucks astor pl
  • 12.55 up & over GWB
  • 7.94 to Park Ave in Hoboken
  • 2.88 lost in Hoboken
  • 2.35 lost again
  • 4.68 thru Jersey City
  • 3.57 to Bayonne Br
  • 2.12 to home
Total = 49.25 miles. All my worry about the 5 Boro is out the window.
P.S. I had noticed all through Jersey that my bike rack was being noisy. Paul just noticed one of the bolts is missing from it. Oops!

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