Monday, September 6, 2010

Last Bike Ride of the Summer

Pics are up on my fb page (& Tony's). This is just some random crap from this weekend's ride I feel the need to remember:
- We always see plenty of people fishing, but this time lots were crabbing as well. At LSP we saw a man chasing his son around with a crab while the kid screamed. Then he tossed it back in the water.
- Just off Bayonne Park, the bike path to nowhere that Tony mentioned.
- In an especially crappy section of Jersey City, two groups of people screaming at each other outside a live poultry place. Rode through there pretty fast.
- Under an overpass in the same 'hood, a visual pun: someone left a metal fork in the road.
- Shop called "Gentlemens Apparel" boasting boxer shorts, handkerchiefs, & "kung fu collectibles." Whatever those are.
- The very different perspectives of NYC available. The area between the Williamsburg Bank building & the bridges seemed huge, but still nothing compared to the distance between Whitehall St & the Empire State. It was also hard to tell the NYC buildings from those in Jersey. I guess their proximity made them seem comparable in size!
- Little sailboats at the edge of LSP before the Waterfront Walkway begins
- Looking out across the bay & catching the SI Ferry midway through its ride.
- The insanity of Pont Liberte: the canals between the condos, the golf course, swimming pools, strip mall, the sanitized-for-your-protection feel of it all, the snobbery of the jogging dude we asked about the walkway. Then to realize we were mere blocks away from the "live poultry" neighborhood. Even the path you have to drive into the place was run-down & creepy looking.

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