Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I woke up at 8:28am today, 28 minutes after my first period class starts. I checked the alarm multiple times to see that it was set for 6:00am (not pm), that it was on, etc. It's next to my head as I sleep. What the hell happened? The world may never know. But you can bet I'm going to hear it from my first period kids tomorrow.
I rushed out of the house after a quick tooth-brushing & throwing on the clothes I had laid out last night. Of course since I had yesterday off I hadn't bothered to shower, so you can imagine how good I smelled after a hot day at work!
I spent yesterday working on my lesson plans, which are on powerpoint. Did I save them to my flash drive to bring into work? Don't be silly!
It's after 11pm now. Maybe I should get some sleep. D'ya think?

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